The new album 2018 is out now! It’s called FUTURE WAS NOW and you can buy or stream/download it on every Download- or Streaming-Portales like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Deezer a.s.o.! You can listen to the FUTURE WAS NOW – Mix at “MUSIC & CD-PRODUCTIONS”! On Amazon and at the Musikgalerie Gütersloh the Album is available as a “real hardware” (CD;-)) too. Also you can order the CD here on this website at the top of the german area.

Here you can find two reviews:

Frank Woelfer / Future Was Now – CD-Review




Infos about FUTURE WAS NOW:

On his fourth solo album guitar player and composer Frank Woelfer expands his proven music-concept by the band factor. As on his first album UNIFICATION the band Univerve guides Frank Woelfer on his musical journey again. With the new, fantastic singer Katja Spier and a tight rhythm section Woelfer’s new album wins precious expressive facets with even more dynamic, groove and sound.

Since very long there are two real vocal songs next to nine instrumentals on a Frank Woelfer-album, on which he connects such different styles like jazz-rock, electronic music, minimal music or pop. Every musician gets his spots and there is many freedom for spontaneous interaction, which makes this album so alive and exciting.

Once again the ten time winner of the German Rock & Pop – Price successes a convincing album with a large range of songs and varied moods on a steady high musical level.

FUTURE WAS NOW appears on FUEGO (Bremen) and is available on CD f. e. at Amazon or you can stream/download the album on every known web-portals like iTunes, TIDAL, Spotify, Deezer a. s. o.